Faith Adjacent Toolkit: Prayer Small Group Edition


It’s weird to talk to God. 

Out of all the especially strange and deeply bizarre things about Christianity, prayer is definitely a candidate for side-eye. And not only from those outside of Christianity but even from those of us who’ve grown up around it or do it all the time. Not only are we conversing with someone who we can’t see, but that someone is THE divine being, infinite and omnipresent.

Welcome to The Faith Adjacent Toolkit: Prayer. 

This Toolkit is made up of four sessions in which Erin and Evan will gently hold your hand and explain all things prayer. Each session has an audio component and a guidebook so beautiful it will make you gasp. We designed this toolkit to be as practical as possible, so you'll walk away having robust knowledge of prayer and plenty of prayer practices to test out. 

Here's what comes in the small group edition: 

  • Four audio sessions with Erin and Evan 
  • A full-color guidebook for each session
  • Step-by-step small group guides for each session
  • Helpful how-to guides to maximize your experience 

Before you purchase this, we want to let you know that you can get a promo code for 25% off by joining The Faith Adjacent Seminary over on Patreon. There's also an exclusive bonus session called "Are You There God?" all about hearing from God. Head over to The Faith Adjacent Seminary to join and get your promo code. 

P.S. We also have an Individual Edition if you’re looking for a solo experience! You can find that here.