Billions of Years Ago: The Big Bang

Eventually but still a long time ago: Dinosaurs

After That: Man-ape decides to kill another one with a rock instead of its bare hands, which meant the discovery of tools. Because of this new tool life, sometime later, hunter-gatherers invented agriculture.

And then: Bread was everywhere so humanity wanted to do some art stuff.

Thousands of years after that: The printing press was invented and, eventually, the written and visual form reach an artistic high point when The Dark Knight comes out in theaters.

Which lead to: Knox and Jamie becoming friends and deciding to do a podcast together because he wanted to write a book and she wanted free stuff from the internet.

And then 2017 resulted in: Knox and Jamie doing a Popcast episode on Twins of Pop Culture. 

Which brings us to 2018: When The Bible Binge podcast was born. 

And then 2022: When we birthed The Bible Binge Resource Shop.

BUT THEN in 2023: We rebranded to Faith Adjacent, and as a result this became The Faith Adjacent Shop. We have a whole episode about it if you want to hear more.