Talking to god is weird.

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From the people
From the people
I love listening to this wildly kind and hilarious bunch talk about faith in such a unique way. Thank you for being so fearfully and wonderfully weird!
— onesocialgirl
From the people
Lighthearted AND informative!
I so enjoy how these stories are delivered! I’ve taught classes at my church for years and just wish I was able to deliver the stories just like this! πŸ˜‚ The gentle rebuke is wonderful too! Love it all!!
— Im4ua1996
From the people
Breath of fresh air
Going to church has been hard in past year. Iβ€˜ve been committed to living and serving in a very conservative denomination for my whole life. Over the past years, it’s gotten harder and harder to fit in that space. This podcast has sincerely kept my faith going at times. Knowing that I’m not alone in my questions and hang ups has made all the difference. Thank you.
— hannah.e.lopez